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Bse Charting - User Manual


The Charts and the features are made using very simple basic concepts. The features are easy to use and the user can learn and get used to the charts very easily.


Chart Features and Options.


On Startup the default page starts by loading a 1-minute Intraday LINE Chart (default S&P BSE SENSEX)


1. Price Style

Users can easily change the price style of the chart for Technical view of the chart. Charts can be changed to “BAR”, “CANDLE” & “LINE” charts.


2. Chart Period
The chart period selection allows users to view chart in various time period. This helps in giving a consolidated view of the price movements.

For Intraday  – 1,5,10,15,30,60 min
For Historical  – Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly.

Between Dates –  Users can use this option to view past data of a chart. After selecting this option, select the From - To date range and press Show to view the chart.


While switching between Intraday and Historical time period or vice-versa, users are advised to wait for some time to allow the chart data to be loaded properly.


3. Indicators

3.a. Adding Indicators

Technical Indicators can be added by simply selecting the desired Technical Indicator and pressing Add button. Default Parameters can be changed as per requirement and understanding. The color of indicators can be changed as per the user requirements for differentiation and viewing comfort. A brief explanation of the indicator is shown to indicate the use of the study. More details about the indicators use can be read from "Indicators Help" above.


3.b. Modifying and Deleting Indicators

For modifying any indicator, select the indicator by clicking on it. Dots will appear on the indicator when it goes into modify mode. Now double click on the indicator. Indicator options window opens and now user can change required parameters or colors. You can press “Delete” button seen in this window if you wish to remove the indicator.


 After making the necessary changes required, press OK to save the changes.


4. Tools

4.a. Adding Line Tools

Select the desired tool from the drop-down and press ADD.

Select any tool Trendline, Retracement or Support / Resistance Line.
It is important to note that Price Retracement tool can only be drawn from Left to Right.


A small circle is shown to indicate that user can now start drawing the tool. Click and drag the mouse from one point to the other point and release the mouse click only at the end, the tool gets plotted.


While drawing, after pressing ADD if you wish to UNDO the TOOL selection press X button, reselect your desired tool and draw. Always draw the tools from Left to Right for proper results.

Default Tool drawn is in “White” colour, the color can be modified later as per user preference.


4.b. Modifying Tools

Click on the tool to select the tool to modify.
Once the tool is selected the Tool starting or ending points can be modified to reposition the tool.

The Tools colors can also be modified easily. Click on the Tool and you will notice that the tool is now selected. Move your mouse on the Tool between the 2 point shown you will notice a thick area is displayed, by clicking on this area Edit and Delete option is shown.

“Edit” allows user to change the Color and “Delete” will delete the line Tool.

For more Details about the use of various Tools read "Tools Help".


5. Changing Scrips

Change Scrip is used to View any Index or Scrip chart. First Select the desired Category and then in Select Scrip enter the first few distinct characters of the scripname, symbol or the scrip code. This will show the list of scrips from which the user can select the desired scrip. Example to open Reliance chart Select Category "Equity" search by typing RIL, Reliance or 500325. To open any other Index chart type BSE and all indices are shown from which you can select your desired Index.

6. Zoom Charts

6.a. Use Scrollable Tool Bar - Use the bottom of the chart where a very smooth scrolling tool is kept to Zoom into to any specific chart period or area. Click and drag the Left handle and / or the Right handle of the Scroll bar handles to Zoom In or out of the Chart. Click on the area between the Left and Right handles and drag the scroller to left or right to view records in left or right. The chart viewing gets clearer and better by using this feature effectively.

6.b. Zoom In Zooms into the center of the screen. You can also use the Scroller Tool at the bottom of the screen to align the chart to show desired minimal data.

6.c. Zoom Out Increases the number of bars in the screen one bar at a time.

6.d. Reset Zoom Resets any zoomed chart and shows the current data.

6.e. MOUSE ZOOM Enable this option and use the mouse to select any Chart area / number of bars to zoom. This is a very user-friendly option to zoom into a particualar area of chart. This option can be enabled and disabled as per user preference.


7. Sub-Graph features

Easily Re-size the sub-graph by clicking on the tile bar and increase or decrease sub-graph height. The user can even maximize, minimize and even close the sub-graph window. Closing Price or Volume sub-graph is not recommended as it might affect the drawing of dependent indicator and show blank chart (reload page will easily fix this problem).


8. Data Window

Data Window is used to read the information about the Price and the Indicators of the chart. User should keep the mouse clicked on the chart area. The data for that particular sub-graph will be shown in the Data Window. To view a bars information (like OHLC) simply keep the mouse button clicked over the bar to read its values.



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